Transcendence - Therapeutic Ritual Roller

Transcendence - Therapeutic Ritual Roller

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Experience the journey from body to heart space with this invigorating blend of sacred cacao, woods, resins and spices. 

To use, adorn yourself as a natural scent or roll onto pulse points as needed as part of your daily self care ritual. Breathe deeply. 

Transcendence ritual roller is a deliciously warm, spicy and foresty blend with sacred, heart-opening cacao as its base, built on with notes of the forest from cedarwood, sandalwood, myrrh and balsam fir which powerfully cleanse the energy body, leaving you feeling grounded and purified from the inside out. Cardamom helps us to transform outdated, negative self-beliefs and is a great ally for moving forward from past difficult experiences, including ancestral traumas. Bergamot and benzoin uplift the spirit and infuse joy and a sense of prosperity into daily life. This oil combination along with red jasper crystals helps us to transcend earthly matters of the root chakra and elevate up and out of the heart centre, allowing us to think and live with our hearts first, putting fear in the back seat. This resonance allows a perspective of abundance and positivity to be our first nature, making us feel held and safe, centred and more difficult to unbalance. This delicious roller is well suited as a gender neutral scent.

IngredientsFractionated coconut oil, essential oils (cedarwood, bergamot, cacao, balsam fir, benzoin, myrrh, sandalwood, cardamom, patchouli), red jasper crystal, Reiki energy, love & intention.

Size: 10ml

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