Frequency Healing

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 What is bioresonance therapy?

 A complimentary approach to holistic health, bioresonance works to bring your body back into energetic balance via the application of beneficial electromagnetic vibrations. When applied to the physical body, these vibrations help to bring your cells back to their baseline, healthy frequency, which in turn helps the body to be in its most optimal state for healing. Until now, bioresonance therapy most often involved expensive appointments with a qualified practitioner.

 What is Healy?

 Healy is the world's first wearable microcurrent medical de­vice which offers you applications to help you stay fit and functional and reduce pain at home and is controlled simply from your smart phone. Healy is approved in many countries as a medical device for alleviating pain, from both acute and chronic conditions.

Healy also has many non-medical applications that use indi­vidualized frequencies to help balance your mind and body, relieve stress and increase energy levels.  

A look at what Healy therapy offers:

 Support for:

Pain Management

Skin and Beauty

Mental Balance

Bioenergetic Harmonisation (protection from EMF radiation)


Chakra Balancing


Learning and Focus


Digital Nutrition Advice


Explore your own at home frequency healing device:

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