The Earth Star Story



 Earth Star Collective holds space for people to connect with their inner spirit. 

 As the creator of Earth Star, an energy healer and health mentor, I believe strongly in the interconnectedness between physical wellbeing and emotional and energetic health. My indigenous roots as a Canadian First Nations and Métis woman have lead me to feel deeply connected to the Earth and it’s cycles, and the healing powers of plants, botanicals and nature. Our all-natural, hand-crafted products are perfect for those who prefer to nurture their sacred vessel with goodness straight from the Earth.

 My wish for Earth Star Collective is to enhance your daily self care rituals with the art of aromatherapy and for you to experience the emotional and spiritual wellbeing that comes with these daily practices.

 In addition to their natural and ethical ingredients, each bottle of Earth Star elixir is activated with Reiki energy and the pure intention of awakening your Earth Star chakra—the chakra of oneness and deep connectedness to Earth and the Cosmos. This energy centre located beneath your feet assists you in spreading your light wherever you go and to whomever you meet, creating a ripple effect of healing energy across the planet. 

 My hope is that each individual who adorns their bodies with these powerful blends of all natural botanicals, crystals and essential oils will feel their soul healing magic as much as I do while creating them. 




xo Dani Gray

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