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Of the Heart - Pure Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Of the Heart - Pure Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

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A naturally extracted, top quality blend of crystal infused essential oils for your oil diffuser.

Self Love + Emotional Healing

Burst open your heart with this loving, feminine blend of sweet citrus and precious petals.

Emotional Healing, Relationships, Deepening Self-Love, Divine Feminine Energy.

Ingredients: Pure essential oils (frankincense, grapefruit, vanilla*, chamomile*, mandarin, sweet orange, jasmine*), rose quartz crystal, Reiki energy, love & intention. *3% dilution in jojoba oil

Size: 12ml

To Use: Add a few drops to your oil diffuser or burner and

Breathe Deeply. Smile. Feel the Love.

About the key ingredients in this blend:

Frankincense: The powerful vibrational properties of this sacred resin purifies mind and body and acts as energetic protection. It is exceptional for enhancing intuition, grounding and spiritual connection in and out of meditation.

Jasmine: Linked directly to both the heart centre and crown chakra, Jasmine flows with pure love, compassion and sensuality while enhancing self awareness. It helps us to deal with emotional issues in a calm and balanced way, especially those pertaining to love and relationships. 

Grapefruit: This beautiful pink citrus fruit encourages a loving relationship with the body, creating a bond of self-respect and gratitude. 

Mandarin: Mandarin brings out the playful, fun-loving inner child. It opens our hearts to accepting new love and connections without fear and allows us to let go of negative emotions from the past. 

Sweet Orange: Awakens the heart to comfort and love and brings in higher expressions of joy.

Vanilla: Sweet and soothing for the soul, vanilla evokes sensuality and romance.

Rose Quartz: The stone of the heart centre, rose quartz delivers healing to all aspects of our relationshipsromance, friendship, family and self-love. It soothes a broken heart with the energy of unconditional love and forgiveness.  

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