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Of the Earth - Pure Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Of the Earth - Pure Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

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A naturally extracted, top quality blend of crystal infused essential oils for your oil diffuser.

Anxiety + Sleep Support

Be held by the Earth with this grounding, fresh blend of sacred resins and tranquil flowers.

Calmness, Inner Strength, Mindfulness, Deep Sleep.

Ingredients: Pure essential oils (frankincense, chamomile*, lavender, vanilla*, patchouli), tiger's eye crystal, Reiki energy, love & intention. *3% dilution in jojoba oil. 

Size: 12ml

To Use: Add a few drops to your oil diffuser or burner and...

Breathe Deeply. Smile. Feel the Peace.

About the key ingredients in this blend:

Frankincense: The powerful vibrational properties of this sacred resin purifies mind and body and acts as energetic protection. It is exceptional for enhancing intuition, grounding and spiritual connection in and out of meditation.

Chamomile: Easily dissolves stress, anxiety and even physical pain symptoms with it's sweet scent and muscle-relaxant properties. Promotes happiness and a calm and clear state of mind. 

Lavender: Purifies and cleanses on a spiritual level while providing grounded focus on the mental plane. The utmost powerful oil for deep blissful relaxation. It instills a sense of calm even in times of high stress.

Vanilla: Sweet and soothing, vanilla reduces nervous tension and agitation, and promotes blissful relaxation.

Patchouli: Patchouli's deep, musky scent is truly "of the Earth". It draws forth the sacredness of life while attracting abundance and prosperity. Patchouli encourages the spirit to drop deeply into the physical body, connecting us with nature and Earth's healing vibrations. 

Tiger's Eye: A stone of earth and fire elements, tiger's eye welcomes Earthly fortune while invigorating courage and strength. These attributes aid us in overcoming times of stress and chaos in life by creating the trust that we are safe and provided for. It encourages harmony and balance in the energy field and brings focus to the mind.    

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